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Safety Efficiency And Quality

Canadian Hydrovac Ltd. is committed to a safe work environment for our employees, collaborating work forces, and public. We ensure this through ongoing in-house and third-party training, safety meetings and two-way communication with workers. Our full-time Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Manager is often in the field conducting worker and equipment follow-ups. The company is supportive of continuing education and constantly looking on how to continually evolve and improve with the industry. The employee Joint Health and Safety Committee is an outlet for the workers to become directly involved in the company’s HSE program.

From senior management to our newest employees, safety is not only a culture adopted by all; it is an action. Canadian Hydrovac Ltd. is externally internally audited every year to ensure our safety practices are the highest. We are active and recognized members of these organizations:

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)
Partners In Injury Reduction
Comply Works
Partners In Compliance (PIC)

In addition to this we are in the ISNetworld database, we are Fortis Certified and Bonding Mat Certified, and we possess an active Certificate of Recognition (COR) for our health and safety practices. Always striving to achieve an admirable safety record with effective and efficient production is key to our work activities and success.

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