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Hydrovac Process

Hydrovacing is a unique and simple method of non-destructive excavation. A hydrovac is an excavation unit that removes earth by using high pressure water (HYDRO) and a powerful vacuum (VAC). The high-pressure water loosens the ground while the vacuum simultaneously extracts the debris into a single tank mounted on a truck. Hydrovac excavation can be performed effectively on all ground types, such as:


Hydrovac units can also be used in the winter even on frozen ground. Canadian Hydrovac performs safe and efficient excavating for oil and gas, industrial, construction and utility companies in western Canada. We accomplish a great assortment of services such as these:

Buried utility exposure
Slot trenching
Dump sites for a variety of waste
Sight hole drilling
Shoring service
Pile hole excavation
Ditch, culvert & manhole cleaning
Site supervision

We provide various dump locations to ensure waste materials are disposed of in a way that is safe for the environment. We have a dump pit for clean and contaminated hydrovac slurry to help give our customers better rates for their disposal needs.

Canadian Hydrovac
Canadian Hydrovac

Straight Vac

Straight Vacuums are equipped with a circular tank built to Alberta Government Code TC407. Constructed for cleaning up liquid or hazardous wastes, these durable tanks are made to handle sludge or flammable or volatile liquids such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel, chemical spills and corrosive liquids. We have tri-axle and tandem trucks.

Our Straight Vacuum trucks are ideal for fluid transfers, pipeline drain downs and cleaning up hazardous material from pipeline leaks, oil spills, and other industrial waste.

Combo Vac

Similar to a Straight Vac but more versatile, a Combo Vacuum includes a wash pump in addition to a TC407 tank.

This gives the Combo Vac the option of using high-velocity steam to penetrate and break up soil in addition to its other capabilities of cleaning up sludge and hazardous waste.

Track Hydrovac

If you need a hydrovac service in muddy remote areas with rough terrain, you are going to need more than just a regular hydrovac truck. Canadian Hydrovac’s Rubber Track Hydrovac truck is specifically built for that purpose.

Our Track Hydrovac can go anywhere, anytime. These units have minimal ground pressure for maximum preservation of the environment.

Hydrovac Specifications

Debris Capacity 

9 Cubic Meters

Water Capacity

2366 US GAL

Standard Blower

3658 – 5400 cfm/27″ hg

Standard Water

Cat tri-plex water pump 14-16 GPM

Standard Boiler

740,000 BTU / 120V Hotsy with full


3 Stage


8″ Top gun


48″ Power sweep

Debris Door

48″ x 36″


Glycol pot – 12V water recirculation


Dig tubes and rack – extensions

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