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Pipeline Pigging

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Pigging is a concept in pipeline maintenance that involves the use of devices known as pigs, which clean pipelines and are capable of checking pipeline condition. This process is done without necessarily interfering with the flow of product in the pipe. he primary purpose of pigging is to make sure that the pipe is clean and free from obstruction. The process is used to remove and possibly detect any build-ups within the pipe which can often lead to reduced performance, increased energy costs and cause corrosion which could lead to disastrous leaks and cracks in the pipe.

But how does pigging work? Here is a simple explanation: The pigs are the maintenance devices that are used to clean and check if the pipes are in good condition and are inserted into the pipe using a pig trap. The pig trap or launcher is usually oversize to accommodate the tight fitting pig. A similar pig trap or receiver is located at the end of the pipe to retrieve the pig. The pig is propelled through the pipeline: by the normal flow of existing product or can be driven by gas or liquid introduced specifically for that purpose.  Pigs are usually cylindrical or spherical to aid movement and efficient cleaning.

Canadian Hydrovac Pipeline Pig
Canadian Hydrovac Pipeline Pig

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